Self-driving car

Microsoft invests in $2bn GM Cruise funding round

Through the partnership, Cruise will leverage Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform to commercialise its autonomous vehicle solutions at scale

Self-driving car

Uber hands over its self-driving car unit to Aurora

Uber will hand over the team and the technology of its Advanced Technologies Group, while investing $400m in Aurora as part of a strategic partnership

Self-driving car

Yandex and Uber spin out self-driving car business from joint venture

The Yandex Self Driving Group (Yandex SDG) will gain an $150m cash injection from Yandex

Self-driving car

O2s 5G technology to power self-driving trials in London

The Smart Mobility Living Lab will make use of O2s 3.4GHz 5G-ready spectrum

Self-driving car

Hyundai and Aptiv to launch autonomous driving joint venture

Hyundai Motor Group and Aptiv, an eco-conscious technology company, are coming together to form an autonomous driving joint venture. As part of the program, both groups will design, develop, and

Self-driving car

DoorDash acquires autonomous vehicle technology company Scotty Labs

Food delivery platform DoorDash has announced its acquisition of Scotty Labs, a teleoperations company that is currently developing the technology needed for people to remotely control autonomous vehicles. More details

Self-driving car

Volkswagen invests $2.6bn in Argo AI, forms electric vehicle parntership with Ford

Ford and Volkswagen have agreed to expand their global alliance to include electric vehicles on the back of Volkswagen’s commitment to investing $2.6bn in funding and assets to Argo AI,

Self-driving car

BMW and Daimler team up on autonomous driving

German automotive giants BMW and Daimler have agreed to join forces on the development of automated driving technologies, sealing the deal first drawn up earlier this year. The long-term partnership

Self-driving car

O2 teams with the European Space Agency to support self-driving tests

O2 has joined forces with the European Space Agency to support a project aimed at testing technology for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). The four-year trial programme, dubbed ‘Project Darwin’,

Self-driving car

Waymo pens self-driving deal with Renault, Nissan

Alphabet’s self-driving car unit, Waymo, has entered into a partnership with Renault and Nissan to work together on self-driving mobility services in France and Japan, as was expected to happen.

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