Snapchat launches AR ‘Dune: Part Two’ campaign in partnership with Warner Bros

Snapchat has teamed up with Warner Bros to launch an AR lens, ahead of the release of ‘Dune: Part Two’. The new Lens allows users to become Fremen, a fictional


‘We’re not social media’, warns Snapchat in new campaign

Snapchat has launched a new 360 marketing campaign ‘Less Social Media. More Snapchat’, which aims to set itself apart from others in the sector. The 360 marketing campaign includes a


Interview: Snapchat on ‘game-changing’ role in AR advertising

Once best known for its teen-friendly photo and video filters, Snapchat has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of mobile marketing, offering a unique and authentic platform for users


Snapchat expands in-app parental tools

Snapchat has rolled out new updates to its parental control and supervision tools. As a result, the tool will now make it easier for parents to monitor their kids’ exposure


Snapchat debuts Bitmoji Beauty Drop in partnership with e.l.f Cosmetics

Snapchat and e.l.f Cosmetics has launched the first-ever Bitmoji Beauty Drop to showcase the beauty brand products for a limited time. Bitmoji Drops are exclusive digital fashion or beauty items


User engagement platform Aampe completes $7.5m funding round

A report on user engagement platform Aampe completing a $7.5m funding round


Nickelodeon forms nostalgic apparel partnership with Snapchat

Snapchatters and Bitmoji users will be able to choose from nine curated outfits, featuring references to SpongeBob SquarePants, Rugrats, Garfield, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which can all be customised further.


NHS joins forces with Snapchat to raise organ donation awareness

The body-tracking AR lens, created in partnership with OmniGov at Manning Gottlieb OMD, enables Snapchatters to locate and educate themselves on key organs within the body


Snapchat to launch feature to remind users to clean up their friends list

Snapchat will begin rolling out the ‘Friend Check Up’ feature, which will notify users that they may wish to clean up their friends list and remove any unwanted people from it, in the coming weeks


Snapchat debuts video takeover ad format

The ‘First Commercial’ solution guarantees UK advertisers the influential first six-second unskippable ad spot on Snapchat’s suite of shows

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