Apple partners with Tune on app reinstall data

Apple has linked up with marketing measurement firm Tune to provide a better idea about the difference between new and returning app users. The partnership is part of a new


Beating the appocalypse

Chris O’Shea, EMEA marketing manager at Tune, considers the art of connecting with your customer after app install. Peak App. App-plateau. Appocalypse. Call it what you like, the days of


Paid app installs can boost organic downloads by up to 150 per cent

While most marketers are aware that paid media usually results in an increase in sales, installs or whatever other metric for success youre using, new data from Tune suggests that


The 10 Best Quotes from our Brand Summit

Earlier today was our Brand Summit, where we brought together representatives from a wide variety of household name brands with key thought leaders from the mobile marketing world and beyond


Tune cuts nine per cent of workforce

Tune CEO Peter Hamilton at Tunes Postback event in July Mobile marketing platform Tune has reportedly cut 30 staff – around nine per cent of its total headcount – in


75 per cent of Americans are downloading at least one app per month

Reports that the average American consumer downloads zero apps per month are wrong, despite being widely reported. Data from multiple sources including hard app install data from 74m US smartphones


CMO Briefing: An Exclusive Collection of Mobile Research Reports

Tune supports the worlds smartest mobile marketers and data lovers, which means its research reports are tailor-made for marketers to extract the key industry insights that they need in order


Becoming a best brand in a mobile world – Tune

Simon Baptist, director of business development at Tune, explains the concept of ‘mobile-best’, and why it’s so important for marketing your brand. The rise of ‘mobile-first’ companies has changed the


App Marketing 101

In the early days of apps, life used to be so simple. You built it, released it into the app store(s), spread the word about it and waited for the


Mobile Ad Fraud: What 24 Billion Clicks on 700 Ad Networks Reveal

Digital security company WhiteOps suggests that marketers lost $7.2bn (£5.6bn) to digital ad fraud last year. Ad vertification company Adloox says that marketers will lose $16.4bn in 2017. Clearly, even

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