UK general election

Facebook and Twitter agree to work with the UK on Russian ad probe

Facebook and Twitter have both reportedly sent letters to the UK government to confirm they will cooperate with the nation on its investigation into Russian influence during the 2016 EU

UK general election

Google has also reportedly discovered Russian-bought political ads on its platforms

Google has reportedly found evidence that its platforms were also exploited by Russia to interfere in the 2016 US presidential election, following the revelations that both Facebook and Twitter were

UK general election

Facebook and Twitter work to boost engagement ahead of general election

Facebook has launched a new feature that enables users in the UK to compare the policies of the major political parties ahead of the general election on 8 June.  

UK general election

Tories consider fines for social networks for moderation failings

The UK government has said they would increase pressure on social media companies regarding their role in online extremism, and is open to handing out financial penalties – should it

UK general election

The Electoral Commission is trying to get young people to vote with a Snapchat geofilter

The Electoral Commission has introduced a Snapchat geofilter in a bid to urge young voters to the polls on 8 June. The geofilter is available across the UK from today

UK general election

The British public fear that fake news could have a bearing on the UK general election

The British think Labour will be most negatively affected by fake news 68 per cent of the British public are at least ‘somewhat’ concerned that ‘fake news’ could influence the

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