University of Oxford

Kinder Chocolate launches AR-powered app which brings its toys to life

Applaydu is aimed at children from four to nine years old and is designed to encourage bonding between parents and their children through games, interactive stories, activities, and more

University of Oxford

Oxford Foundry grants £120,000 to startups aiding economic recovery

The Oxford Foundry, an entrepreneurship center, has pledged it will give £120,000 to startups whose mission is to help stimulate the UK’s economic recovery in the aftermath of Covid-19. A

University of Oxford

Social media affects teenagers in a “tiny” way, study finds

The effect of social media causing UK teenagers to be depressed and anxious is limited and most likely to be “tiny”, according to a study by the University of Oxford.

University of Oxford

Oxford researchers expose how apps share data with likes of Google, Facebook

A study of 959,000 apps has demonstrated how major tech companies such as Google and Facebook are able to get their hands on vast amounts of data from third-party apps.

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