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UK consumers remain unsure about shopping via a smart speaker: report

Argos was the first UK retailer to offer shopping via Google Assistant The number of people who own smart speakers is constantly growing, but the majority of users are reluctant

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UK consumers believe voice search will prove to be important in the future: report

Almost one in six people now use voice search at least once a week in the UK, with more than half feeling that voice search will be of importance in

Voice Search

A number of consumers now use voice search for research, but unsure about purchases

More consumers are now using voice assistant devices, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, to research items, while a growing number of shoppers now feel compelled to click on

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Speaking up

Speaking to devices and instructing them to complete tasks may not be a completely new phenomenon, but the last year or so has seen the use of voice explode. It’s

Voice Search

Almost a quarter of Brits make use of voice search multiple times a day

22 per cent of UK adults now use voice search between three and five times a day, presenting an opportunity for brands to reach consumers throughout their homes and while

Voice Search

Consumers are cautious about the accuracy of information provided by voice assistants

Consumers have yet to develop trust in the results provided by voice search with as many as 70 per cent yet to act on the information provided by voice search,

Voice Search

Amazon teams up with Getty for visual searches on Echo devices

Amazon has linked up with Getty Images to bring sports, news, entertainment, archival, and creative pictures to Echo devices with a screen. With the partnership, Alexa will be able to

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Marketers not addressing the impact of voice search

Many marketers are aware how voice search is making up an increasing percentage of how consumers are finding information online, but almost a third have failed to do anything to

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