Bauer Media brings its radio apps to Android-powered car infotainment systems

Bauers apps will be available in the Polestar 2 and Volvo XC40 later this year


Volkswagen acquires Volvos connected car unit

Volkswagen has agreed to buy a majority stake in the WirelessCar connected car service from Volvo, further showing its ambitions to make its vehicles a true internet hub. The deal,


Baidu strikes self-driving car deals with Ford and Volvo

Chinese internet search giant Baidu has joined forces with both Ford and Volvo to work on the development of self-driving cars. With Ford, Baidu has agreed a two-year autonomous vehicle


Volvo to launch on-demand car sharing service

Swedish automaker Volvo has launched a brand dedicated to the car sharing service it will launch next year. M will provide people with on-demand access to cars and services through


Uber to build driverless fleet with tens of thousands of Volvos cars

Swedish multinational automaker Volvo has signed an agreement with Uber that will see the ride hailing company purchase ‘tens of thousands’ of self-driving cars between 2019 and 2021. The non-exclusive


Nvidia secures multiple partnerships to accelerate self-driving cars

Nvidia CEO and founder Jensen Huang US firm Nvidia Corp, best known for its graphics technology in computer games, has announced multiple new partnerships aimed at developing software for self-driving

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