YouTube Premium and Music surpasses 100m subscribers

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium have surpassed 100 million subscribers across over 100 countries, the streaming giant has revealed. The figure includes users who are on free trials, however, the


YouTube expands its TikTok rival to the US

The Shorts beta will gradually roll out to all YouTube users in the US over the next few weeks


YouTube begins showing ads on more videos, but wont be paying creators for it

In an update to the its Terms of Service, YouTube announced its decision to rollout out advertising across more ‘brand safe’ videos, though creators are not eligible for any remuneration


YouTube expands Select content solution to the UK

YouTube Select enables advertisers to reach relevant consumers by selecting specific content categories to advertise on


Facebook, YouTube, Twitter unify to address harmful content

After more than a year of talks facilitated the WFA-led Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), the social media platforms have all agreed that they will follow definitions for harmful content as laid out by GARM


YouTube launches its TikTok rival

Shorts enables creators to shoot videos of 15 seconds or less, with the ability to string together multiple video clips, add music, control speed, and record hands-free with the help of a countdown timer


YouTube to highlight reliable COVID-19 videos on homepage, lowers EU streaming quality

YouTube has been forced to respond to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in more ways than one – taking steps to limit the spread of fake news, while lifting a little


YouTube enacts promised measures to protect children using its platform

A look at YouTube’s decision to bring in new measures to protect the privacy of its child users


Warner Bros. embeds AR experience in YouTube trailer for Scoob!

Viewers watching the Scoob! trailer on the YouTube app are able to take a selfie with Scooby as a puppy


Kids are aware of social medias negatives but FOMO keeps them around

MediaCom research finds that almost half of young people know they spend too much time on social media

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