Taking measurement cross media

We look at Dynata’s work on measuring campaign success with PHD Global Business, helping the agency to maximise the effectiveness of their client’s marketing spend.
Dynata has been a key partner for PHD over the past 12 months, helping the company to evaluate the effectiveness of a top client’s advertising campaign across Europe. Dynata used its unique Cross-Media Measurement methodology, which incorporates validating audience reach, viewability, the tagging of all online ad exposures and capturing the offline exposures through opportunities to see (OTS) surveys.

Cross-media approach
This single-source, cross-media approach allowed PHD to measure the impact of the campaign at both a total and an individual channel level. PHD and its client, a well-known tech company, were able to access detailed analysis through a bespoke dashboard for all channels used in the campaign, including programmatic.

The dashboard allowed PHD to optimise the online campaign in-flight, understand the total reach of the campaign, determine how much of the campaign was in-view and for how long, and monitor key brand metrics such as recommendation and consideration.

Campaign success
As a result of the partnership with Dynata, PHD and its client were able to demonstrate campaign success on key KPIs. The analysis showed programmatic to be one of the top-performing channels. This channel was optimised during the campaign, delivering a 9 per cent cost saving for the business.

The campaign gave the client a new perspective on the opportunities of programmatic in its cross-media campaigns. The results against key KPIs and the optimised budget have led to further investment in this channel for 2019 planning. This insight would not have been possible without the new approach to cross-media campaign measurement that the project delivered.

Ultimately, measuring the campaign performance and impact at a channel level helped PHD’s client to make even better marketing decisions and, in return, they are one happy client!

This article first appeared in the February 2019 print edition of Mobile Marketing. You can read the complete issue online here