Taking the Pics

It was, we guess, a gap waiting to be filled, and now, it has been. New Holland Publishers have announced the release of Take Better Photos with your Phone.
The book offers advice on how to use your cameraphone to its full potential and obtain the best pictures possible, offering tips on composition, light, timing and viewpoint, as well as information about the different settings available on phones, and the subsequent manipulation, enhancement, storage, sending and printing of your photos. And you thought all you had to do was point and shoot.
Refreshingly, the book also includes advice about the limitations of using a cameraphone and how to work around them. The photographs included, along with the screen shots, says the publisher, all help to inspire existing users of cameraphones to develop their skills further, while those new to cameraphone technology will be encouraged by the ease of achieving great photos with them.
The book goes on sale in November priced at 4.99, and will be available from all good bookshops, offline and on.