Taking The Sun on to Snapchat

Ahead of their presentation at tomorrows Mobile Marketing Brand Summit, David Murphy caught up with News UKs Milton Elias  (pictured) and Sophie Tighe…

MM: Please give us an outline of what you will be presenting at the Brand Summit.

News: Well be providing a brief view into The Suns successful Snapchat publishing strategy, highlighting best practice for engaging audiences with content on the platform and beyond.

MM: What trends are you seeing in mobile at the moment?

News: Over the last year weve seen audiences continuously grow across the range of mobile environments where we publish, as has their consumption of video content. Storytelling via mobile video is now a key area of focus, both for editorial and commercial purposes.

MM: And what are the biggest challenges and opportunities?

News: The prevalence of fake news and purposely misleading content found on the web has demonstrated that quality journalism is now more important than ever. As the consumer need for trusted news sources continues to grow so does the opportunity for brands to form deeper connections with truly valuable audiences.

MM: Is there anything specific about your target audience that impacts on using mobile as a comms channel with them?

News: Our digital audience is inherently a mobile audience with 91 per cent of The Suns and about 80 per cent of The Times’ digital audience reaching us via their mobiles. Mobile is therefore crucially at the heart of our audience and commercial strategies.

MM: And anything you can tell us about your future plans?

News: With the successful launch of News UKs v-Studio, weve helped a number of partner brands to create vertical video content to better engage our mobile audiences. Well continue to develop this offering further with the aim of creating mobile ad experiences that are tailored to our readers and which generate better results for our partner brands.

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