TALK TO ME becomes first horror film to do a Fortnite takeover

Independent UK film studio Altitude has teamed up with Havas Entertainment to launch a Fortnite Creative integration for its horror movie TALK TO ME.

It claims this is the first time a horror movie has ever been featured globally on the gaming platform.

The Deadpines: Zombie Survival takeover invites Fortnite players to battle through torrential rain and lightning to enter a haunted house and experience a fusion of supernatural horror and fight-to-survive combat. The game features scenes from the movie, including the Séance Room and Hospital, all populated by the undead.

Altitude has recruited gaming influencers to participate in the actitivity: Venofn (95k stream hours watched), Archie (65k) and Koji (18k) will host live streams of themselves playing the game and interacting with their followers.

There will also be in-game billboards and reward videos to push the trailer assets within the games. This will be accompanied by a traditional advertising campaign in the UK and Ireland including BVOD, Social and TV spots.

Lia Devlin, Managing Director of Altitude Distribution, said: “We set out to create an immersive, world-first experience that allows people to encounter the movie’s terrifying concept for themselves, in an environment we know theyre spending their time.

“The TALK TO ME game on Fortnite Creative promises an experience that all horror fans live for, and the perfect path for audiences to discover the movie and then see it on the big screen.”

Robyn Flowers, Client Partner at Havas Entertainment, added: “The horror film category is notoriously tricky to gain cut-through…Working with streamers enables Altitude to naturally show the film and game integration and tap into steamers’ audiences in an authentic and engaging way driving awareness and consideration of the film.”

The TALK TO ME integration was developed by metaverse game developer Gamefam. It is live now. The film has its cinema release on 28 July.