TalkTalk is looking to offload its mobile business

Tyrone Stewart

TalkTalkBritish telecoms company TalkTalk is reportedly considering putting an end to its mobile operations, after entering into talks with other providers over the future of the business.

TalkTalk has been in talks with Vodafone, O2 and Virgin Media, with hopes of striking a deal with one of the mobile network providers for its own mobile unit in the coming weeks, reports the Financial Times.

The move is a part of a company overhaul under its new management team, led by executive chairman Sir Charles Dunstone and chief executive Tristia Harrison.

TalkTalk first launched its mobile service in 2010, after signing a capacity deal with Vodaphone, but now has plans to return to focusing on being a budget internet provider. It has been discussing a deal with mobile operators that would see it sell their SIM cards alongside its broadband packages, and it hope its 913,000 users will be open to switching to the new mobile provider.

As part of a potential deal, TalkTalk is reviewing transferring at least part of its mobile base over to the rival it sells to. However, 25 per cent of its customer base has a broadband and mobile package, while 12 per cent are on deals that include broadband, telephone line, pay-TV and mobile in the same package.

Vodafone, which is one of the companies in talks with TalkTalk, recently introduced its VOXI mobile network. The network is aimed at people aged 25 and under, and places an emphasis on social media usage.