Tango launches Bust integrated campaign and new brand platform

Tango is launching ‘Bust’, a multi-million pound integrated campaign conceived by VCCP London and its content creation studio, Girl&Bear. The campaign introduces a new brand platform, ‘dangerously potent flavour’, and aims to attract a new core Gen Z audience. It will run in the UK from 15 April on TV, broadcast video on demand, social, online video and on cinema screens.  

At the heart of the campaign is a 60-second film directed by comedic director, Ben Tonge. It focuses on a police raid busting a Tango lab. The police surround a house, before bursting in and arresting a group of illegal cooks. In the rooms there are berries in packets, hidden Tango cans and beakers and test tubes containing a purple liquid. One of the officers tries a drop of the purple liquid and cannot stop dancing as he is lost to the powerful flavour of Tango. Two other police officers assess and discover that it is exactly what they thought, ‘A Tango Dark Berry lab’. The PC who tasted a drop is revealed to be ‘completely Tangod’. The film ends with a secret motherload of Tango Dark Berry being discovered behind a fake wall.

“Tango is a much-loved, bold British brand with a mischievous advertising heritage,” said Harriet Dyson, Marketing Controller Fruit Flavoured Carbonates at Britvic. “We are excited to launch an exciting new campaign that demonstrates the power of our tangy fruit flavours. Bust is the first advert in our new ‘dangerously potent flavour’ campaign and we can’t wait for everyone to ‘Get Tango’d.’”