Tap for Tap Switches from Impressions to Taps

App ad network Tap for Tap only launched back in April but, with the launch of Tap Exchange, it has already switched out its original business model.

Tap for Tap started life as an app impression exchange, giving developers the ability to cross-promote their apps and generate installs for free. Tap Exchange, however, lives up to its name by changing the way developers earn credits to be spent on ads, from impressions to taps – based on how many users clicks on the in-app ads.

Tap Exchange also expands the variety of ad units available to developers, to include banners, interstitials, and app walls, as well as adding install-tracking and geo-targeting options, and an improved algorithm for picking compatible apps.

This switch to a taps-based model was prompted by feedback from app developers using the old platform, according to Tap for Tap, and it has since implementing the changes, has seen its traffic nearly double.