Tap Me Unveils In-game Mobile Ad Platform

Tap Me has unveiled the industry’s first in-game, mobile advertising platform. The company says the platform addresses a fundamental problem inherent in current advertising solutions that brands and advertisers have until now used to reach consumers in-game. It says it has been built with the gamer in mind, and designed to play to the natural strength of the gaming medium, adding value to their experience as they are playing the game, rather than taking them out of it.

Games are highly-active, participatory entertainment platforms, and existing advertising solutions, the company says, were never designed to work well with this medium. It says that current advertising solutions are interruptive, out of context, and ineffective; they also occupy valuable screen space, are prone to accidental clicks, or inject offers that require players to shift experiences outside of the game.

Tap Me creates new real estate for advertising that can be used alongside other ad platforms, such as iAd or AdMob, or integrated into virtual goods or currency systems. The company provides both a turnkey solution for developers to drop into their games as well as an API that allows for custom GUI integration.

Tap Me’s platform enables developers to add their games, categorize content, create sponsored leader boards and obtain performance metrics. Developers can freely meta-tag and classify game content, such as for “endurance” or “speed,” so that advertisers can sponsor relevant content, such as power-ups.

“Tap Me’s platform is the first, targeted and relevant approach to mobile media Ive seen,” says Matt Miller, co-founder of ustwo, a digital design and app development studio. “It considers the developer, user and brand advertiser in a way never done before. In a nutshell, its nothing short of utter genius.”

Tap Me has opened up the beta to its iOS integration library and its web-based management tools to a select group of game platforms. The company is inviting iPhone and iPad app developers to visit the company’s website, sign-up and download its integration library for iOS and support documentation to get started. The company also plans to extend support to other mobile platforms, including Android, in the near future. 

Tap Me’s current tests shows engagement rates of players choosing sponsored power-ups as high as 20 per cent, and in certain games above 50 per cent. These engagement rates, while early, are unprecedented, particularly in comparison to traditional banner ad click-through rates that typically linger below 1 per cent.

“One of Tap Me’s unique strengths is that we are a team of mobile game developers, which gives us an innate understanding of game design and development fundamentals,” says Tap Me co-founder and CEO, Joshua Hernandez. “We set about to create a first-of-a-kind ad platform that takes advantage of the natural attributes of games, with the goal of maximizing the contextual opportunities for advertisers to participate in this exploding medium. Importantly, our platform enables developers to monetize the vast majority of gamers who do not engage in other game monetization methods.”