Tapjoy Boosts Nokia Ad Recall by 154 Per Cent

Nokia tapjoy campaignObjective

After the launch of the Nokia Lumia 925, the manufacturer was keen to increase awareness around the new device and create brand engagement.


Nokia chose Tapjoy to create a mobile engagement campaign. Aiming to deliver already-interested consumers, Tapjoys Rich Media Reward Ads get the viewer first choose to engage with an ad and then pick what ad they want to see from a range on offer.

Tapjoy ran the campaign across its network of 400m app users urging people to ‘Watch the Nokia Lumia 925 video’ to earn in-app rewards. People had to watch the entire video in order to get their prize. Afterwards, they were given the option to visit the Nokia website or view an image gallery of pictures of the handset.


The combination of rich media and rewards saw a 73 per cent completion rate for the Nokia video, or nearly 70,000 people. After watching the video, people spent an average of 17 more seconds swiping through the image carousel.

Tapjoy then worked with comScore to measure the brand results. They found people who saw the ads had a 154 per cent increase in message recall, 109 per cent increase in ad recall and 68 per cent increase in brand awareness.