Tapjoy ranks in nine universal performance categories in latest AppsFlyer Index

Tapjoy AppsFlyer Performance IndexMobile advertising network Tapjoy has been prominently featured in AppsFlyer’s newly-released eighth edition Performance Index. This report ranks and compares several global and regional networks in terms of ad volume and performance. On these fronts, Tapjoy ranked in multiple indexes, including all Non-Gaming Performance categories, all Gaming Performance categories, and Casual Gaming Performance.

“We’re absolutely pleased to see Tapjoy featured so prominently on AppsFlyer’s latest Performance Index,” said Sarah Chafer, SVP global performance at Tapjoy. “This is further evidence that Tapjoy is maximizing engagement with the most successful apps on our platform, be they gaming or entertainment.”

The AppsFlyer Performance Index is an industry standard report card that generates a comprehensive overview of mobile media performance. For its eighth edition, AppsFlyer analysed usage data from over 11,500 apps during H2 2018. These insights represent roughly 20bn installs and 39bn app opens during the study window.

AppFlyer’s report compiles metrics from varied categories into indexes that emphasise performance, growth, and ROI. In the completed document, Tapjoy was featured in no less than nine global indexes, including Gaming Casual Performance, Gaming Social Casino Performance, and overall Non-Gaming Performance.

Tapjoy was also cited among other SDK networks as a reason for Facebook and Google’s reduced performance growth in gaming categories.

“The superiority of Facebook and Google — aka the duopoly — in the digital ad space is a well-known fact. It is also widely perceived that their domination is only growing with time,” the report reads. “However, in app install advertising, it is worth noting that although their combined market share is significant, it’s not growing.

“Interestingly, we found that their share in the non-gaming space was 45 per cent higher than in gaming. The reason for this is that several premium SDK networks — namely AppLovin, ironSource, Unity Ads, Vungle, and Tapjoy — have been focusing their efforts to meet the demands of gaming apps, leading to an increasingly larger piece of the pie.”

AppsFlyer’s full report ranks Tapjoy in each of the following international mobile categories. You can read the full index for additional rankings and insights relating to today’s mobile advertising market.

  • Gaming Performance – Universal – Casual: Seventh in volume, 13th in power
  • Gaming Performance – Universal – Midcore & Strategy: Sixth in volume, 13th in power
  • Gaming Performance – Universal – Social Casino: Fifth in volume, 11th in power
  • Gaming Performance – Universal – All Categories: Seventh in volume, 15th in power
  • Non-Gaming Performance – Universal – All Categories: 11th in volume, 15th in power
  • Gaming ROI – Midcore & Strategy: Ninth place
  • Gaming ROI – Social Casino: 11th place
  • Gaming ROI – All Categories: 14th place