Tapjoy Updates SDK with Analytics Solution

Tapjoy has announced a new version of its public Tapjoy SDK, a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to help mobile developers improve their applications, grow their user base and make them more profitable.
The latest version of the platform includes Pinch Analytics measurement software from Pinch Media, which provides iPhone app developers with the insight to make more informed decisions on how best to improve and enhance their applications. This partnership enables iPhone app developers to get the benefits of both solutions in one comprehensive dashboard. The new SDK can be downloaded for free in parts or its entirety via the Tapjoy website.
While the opportunity for innovation on mobile devices has increased significantly in the past year, mobile app developers are still facing great challenges and inefficiencies in monetizing and improving their apps, says tapjoy Co-founmder, Lee Linden. We are committed to providing developers with the one-stop suite of key services to become more profitable and successful. By partnering with an industry leader like Pinch Media we will more easily and quickly meet these needs by offering deep analytics capabilities in tandem with monetization and audience growth services.
Tapjoy, founded by the developers behind iPhone apps TapDefense, TapSudoku and TapWord, says it has taken the key learnings from building its own apps to create the Tapjoy SDK. The Tapjoy SDK integrates with any iPhone application, providing services such as a virtual goods monetization system with Offerpal Medias Managed Offer Platform and rewarded installs, mobile ad network optimization, customizable gaming features, and now full analytic capabilities supported by Pinch Media.
Using Pinch Analytics, developers can easily measure and receive reports on in-app information, including unique user tracking, key feature usage, demographic reporting, user retention, application piracy, advertising performance, and more.