Tappx launches App-ads-txt.com to help boost adoption of IABs app-ads-txt standard

Tappx CMO Fernando Saiz

Ad tech firm Tappx has launched App-ads-txt.com, a free hosting tool to increase adoption of the new app-ads.txt IAB standard.

Tappx said it has launched the service to help mobile app developers to integrate app-ads.txt without the need for a domain, website or additional development. The app-ads.txt specification is an extension of the ads.txt standard to meet the requirements for apps distributed through mobile app stores, connected television app stores, or other application distribution channels.

Over the course of March and April 2019, Tappx analyzed initial adoption curves for ads.txt and app-ads.txt, and found that app-ads.txt adoption is less than for 0.8 per cent (eight in every 1,000) of high ranking apps across the most popular app ecosystems had adopted app-ads.txt correctly.

Fernando Saiz, chief marketing officer at Tappx, said the reasons for this are likely to be two-fold. “Firstly, many app developers (small to medium-sized) do not possess their own websites, and secondly, there is lower awareness around ad tech issues within app development communities, especially relating to app-ads.txt and the benefits it can provide. Tappx are accredited members of IAB Spain, hence we are strong advocates for community and the IAB’s latest extension, app-ads.txt. By reducing friction for adoption for the app-ads.txt specification, we are closer to eradicating spoofed in-app inventory, and hence helping to reduce digital ad fraud.”

Tappx is planning to release regular reports throughout 2019 on the uptake for app-ads.txt, which will be powered from data from App-ads-txt.com, and from its own internal research program which will analyze thousands of apps across major global app stores.