TapSense Unveils Support for Wearables

tapsenseAdvertising exchange TapSense has begun support for wearable device apps, including the Pebble smartwatch.

This new feature provides wearable app developers with a new marketing channel, enabling them to promote their apps directly through the TapSense exchange, which can target iOS and Andoid devices belonging to Pebble smartwatch owners.

“With over 3,000 apps in their store, the Pebble smartwatch demonstrates that the future of the mobile developer ecosystem is with wearable,” said Ash Kumar, CEO and founder of TapSense. “TapSense has always been committed to providing developers tools to promote and monetise apps. Support for wearables is an important aspect of this and we plan to add support for additional devices, including wearables from third parties like Apple as they are released.”

“Its not a trivial task to have your Pebble app adopted by the masses of Pebble users, currently it requires a lot of work through social media,” said Jonathan L, creator of the Music Boss app for Pebble and an early beta tester of TapSenses wearables platform. “Unless users are combing through the Google Play Store, the Pebble appstore or following specific social streams they may not discover all the great things being created by all the Pebble developers out there. The TapSense platform is bringing an innovative and refreshing take on Pebble app promotion.”