Taptu Unveils My Taptu

Mobile search firm Taptu seems to be attempting to reinvent itself with the launch of My Taptu, a social news aggregator for the iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices.

The app offers instant access to the latest news, sports, music and places, drawing on Taptu’s mobile search heritage to deliver personalized ‘streams’ in a simple, visual and format. Users can view streams at-a-glance and then dive in when they want to see more without hopping between apps.

My Taptu is a clever yet simple social news aggregator that we believe our customers will return to many times a day,” says Taptu CEO, Mitch Lazar. “We set out to give our customers the one-stop-app for the latest news and views from all the best sources, including their own friends and family, and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved.”

Streams are available in four different ways and can be added easily. Single Streams let users get content from their favorite sources by adding their specific streams. Mixed Topic Streams are curated by the Taptu editorial team and mixed for “relevance and freshness” by the company’s search technology and advanced algorithms. They deliver content from a variety of sources on a certain topic. Mixed streams place stories into a wider context, and, says Taptu, may help users discover content or a new source they may never have known existed.

Beyond RSS uses Taptu technology to convert content from some of the best websites that do not have an RSS feed or a mobile presence and converts them into visual streams. Finally, Social Streams integrates Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Users can also add the Twitter stream of a favorite musician or celebrity, and follow them from the app.  

My Taptu also includes a StreamStore where users can find new streams. They can add streams by clicking on trending topics, through a topics directory, and by searching for them. Users can also recommend, manage and share the streams with My Taptu.