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Target adds AR tech to mobile shopping experience

Tyrone Stewart

Target See It In Your Space ARDiscount retailer Target has added AR technology to its mobile site, so customers can see how furniture will look in their home before purchasing the product.

With ‘See It In Your Space’, customers shopping with Target’s new Project 62 line can are able to select proper scale 3D versions of home products and move them around a room – through their phone’s camera – to see how well it goes.

The mobile web feature is currently available for 200 Project 62 Target home products. The retailer says it will roll the functionality out to hundreds more products by the end of the years and thousands more in 2018.

See It In Your Space follows in the footsteps of Swedish furniture store Ikea’s app of a similar nature. Ikea Place, built on Apple’s ARKit, enables customers to scan the floor of their home in the iOS app, then browse for products, and move them into the position they want it to sit in their home. It automatically scales products based on room dimensions.

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