TargetingMantra Launches Omni-Channel Personalization Offering

Student on tablet iPad school universityTargetingMantra has launched its Omni-Channel Personalization software, which aims to give eCommerce companies the right tools to offer product suggestions to consumers across PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The company says the solutions enables eCommerce companies to take personalization one step further by analyzing a users browsing data on one device and then showing them shopping recommendations on another, every time a customer visits an Omni-Channel-integrated online store.

“Our aim is to simplify online product targeting and equip marketing managers with a quick and easy tool to showcase relevant products to their target audience, regardless of the different platforms their customers use,” says TargetingMantra co-founder and COO, Rahul Singh. “eCommerce throughout the world is gathering momentum, and people are continuously shopping across all platforms for an incredible variety of products. This means that the digital shopping experience, whether you are on a mobile or desktop, can have a high impact on your consumption habits.”

One use case for the solution is a consumer working on his laptop in the office when a shirt on an eCommerce site catches his eye. On the commute home, he opens the retailer’s app or website on his mobile phone. If and when the user logs in and the store is integrated with Targeting Mantra Omni-Channel, it will showcase the shirt on the homepage of the app or website.

The platform also offers personalized deals and notifications delivered via email and mobile. Additionally, a real-time performance-tracking feature via an analytics dashboard allows eCommerce sites to view the effectiveness of products and promotional campaigns.