Tarsin Unveils Capsa

Mobile application platform provider Tarsin has launched its Capsa platform, a thin client-based, rapid application delivery solution for brands and operators wanting to deliver unique content and applications to mobile users. Brands including Hallmark and United Medias Dilbert are already using Capsa to build and nurture personal relationships with consumers on any mobile network and most Internet-ready mobile devices, the company says.
The mobile market value chain is deeply disjointed, and brands are looking for a partner who can provide an end-to-end solution that is in line with their long-term mobile strategies and provides customers with a truly interactive brand experience in the mobile environment, says Tarsin CEO, John Osborne. Tarsins experience with top brands, expertise in mobile content and application delivery, and commitment to eliminating the barriers that stand between brands and consumers, allows it to ease those challenges and help brands realize success in this exciting market. 
Tarsin currently supports millions of mobile consumers with a variety of services, and is starting to reach millions more through new partnerships with mobile and new-to-mobile brands. The recently announced mobile greeting application launched by Hallmark was developed in partnership with Tarsin, and is powered by the Capsa platform. The intuitive application allows users to enjoy and share Hallmark Mobile Greetings with friends and family and, says Tarsin, will eventually work across most carriers and devices.
Capsa is also the engine behind United Medias recent launch of Dilbert Mobile, an interactive application that allows consumers to access and share the last 20 years of Scott Adams popular comic strip. The company also works with other globally recognized brands, including Motorola, Kodak, Carphone Warehouse and Nextel Latin America.
According to Tarsin, Capsa is the first universal mobile content delivery solution that manages and optimizes content for all screen resolutions and interfaces. By designing, developing and deploying through the web standards-based framework, brands can reach mass-market consumers with compelling and optimized content on thousands of devices in multiple languages. 
The design-once, deploy-multiple-times approach allows organizations to focus on leveraging existing content, generating new applications, increasing revenue and improving overall business performance rather than drowning in the back-end functionality and technical aspects of mobile content delivery, says Osborne.
In addition to deploying optimized, personal content to consumers via the Capsa platform, Tarsin acts as a full-service business, helping brands develop engaging user interfaces, and determine the most appropriate and profitable content to extend into mobile.
Theres more information on Capsa here.