Tatcha launches virtual store

Beauty and skincare retailer Tatcha has launched a virtual store, powered by the Emperia platform, immersing guests in the tranquil scents and sounds of the Japanese hinoki forest, while introducing them to the new Forest Awakening collection and educating visitors about the benefits of forest bathing.

Forest bathing, also known as shinrin-yoku, the ritual of connecting to nature through the senses, has become a common medical treatment prescribed by Japanese physicians for its many immunity and mood-boosting powers. Research shows that over 50 per cent of the physical and mental benefits of forest bathing comes from breathing in the forest air, which is rich in phytoncides, organic compounds produced by hinoki and other beloved Japanese trees.

Starting with a calming walk through the Hinoki forest, visitors are immersed in the sounds and sights of the traditional Japanese outdoors, leading to an onsen, a Japanese wellness resort, consisting of several rooms, all engulfing the user in the Tatcha Hinoki experience, allowing the user to move freely, explore products, learn about them and shop. The Ritual Space provides visitors with a step-by-step beauty regime. the Best Seller Space presents Tatcha’s products and teaches visitors about their ingredients and origins, while the Spa Space presents the new Forest Awakening collection around a traditional Japanese hot tub. Visitors who choose to venture back into the outdoors can pass by the hot springs and reach a tea ceremony, taking place in a calming outdoor hut.

The new Forest Awakening collection includes three products: Hinoki Body Wash, Hinoki Body Oil and Hinoki Body Milk. Each is infused with the naturally healing phytoncides along with proven Japanese ingredients for the ultimate body ritual.

The virtual store, available online via Tatcha.com, is accompanying a Los Angeles pop-up experience, called Forest Exhibit, centered around a guided 4D forest bathing experience, led by Japanese zen monk and Tatcha Global Well-being Ambassador Toryo Ito, that will immerse guests in the tranquil scents and sounds of the Japanese forest. This is open to the public from 17-19 February.