Teads Introduces In-app Video Advertising

teads in app outstream videoGlobal video advertising platform Teads has launched a new feature that enables brands to include outstream video within app content, which is a first within the video ad industry.

The feature has been released as a mobile SDK, and does not require existing video content to run, instead placing video advertising within a variety of content environments.

Teads has partnered with leading publishers including The Daily Telegraph and The Independent in the past, and with the launch of this new feature, gives publishers to ability to open up brand new premium inventory within the heart of their apps.

By sitting outside of the video player, the formats created by Teads hugely increase the amount of premium video ad inventory available to marketers, with publishers able to use the SDK to place outstream video ads within editorial, between pages or even between two actions.

The SDK is plugged into Teads video supply-side platform, and enables publishers to manage their in-app inventory at the same time as their desktop and mobile web inventory.

“Having developed the first mobile SDK in the industry for outstream formats, advertisers now have a new way to reach their audiences through applications at a time when premium inventory remains scarce,” said Pierre Chappaz, executive chairman of Teads. “And for publishers, this means they are able to monetise their apps in a way not possible before.”