Teads Launches inRead Everywhere for Viewable Video Ads

Teads video ads

Teads has launched its inRead Everywhere offering, made up of three cross-screen video viewability options for advertisers.

All three are charged on a viewability basis, meaning the advertiser only pays when 50 per cent of the video ad has been in view for a certain amount of time, depending on which an advertiser chooses.

The first and cheapest option is inRead vCPM, which charges after half of the video has been viewable for two seconds – in line with the IABs viewability standards.

Next up is inRead 10, which charges after 10 seconds of viewability. Finally, inRead Complete offers a CPCV (Cost Per Completed View) option, charging after 15 seconds on mobile, or 30 seconds on desktop.

“Teads prides itself on being the top innovator for video advertising formats and we’re excited to expand advertisers’ options for video with our new inRead Everywhere offering,” said Teads CEO Bertrand Quesada. “As the leading platform allowing video advertising to be delivered within different types of content, on every device, we are arming brands with viewable-by-design video formats to reach their audiences within a premium context.”