Teads Unveils Vertical Video Format Ahead of MWC

Logo_teads.tv_black_500px.pngNative video ad platform Teads has revealed a new video ad format ahead of this years Mobile World Congress. Called inRead Vertical, the format allows for fully skippable vertical mobile video ads.

With almost half of global online news users accessing news on two or more digital devices, and users most likely to consume premium publisher content vertically on mobile devices, the new format enables advertisers to use the whole screen to project a personal and relevant message to the user.

“Video formats are quickly becoming commonplace on mobile, in particular native video solutions as a way to tell an endearing story from screen to screen,” said Todd Tran, global managing director of mobile and programmatic at Teads. “With the rise of apps such as Meerkat and Snapchat, users are increasingly comfortable seeing video in portrait, especially when it fits better with the device theyre watching it on.”

The inclusion of a fully skippable option is the firms way of responding to the rise of ad blockers. According to a study the company carried out with Research Now, 84 per cent of global users would reconsider installing ad blockers if the ad experience provided them with the choice to skip or close the ad.

With video, 52 per cent of respondents said that unskippable pre-roll was the most intrusive format, and a large spike in ad blocker adoption correlates with YouTubes introduction of that format several years ago.