Berlin Wall brought back to life through Minecraft AR experience

Tyrone Stewart

More than 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the DDR Museum, which depicts life in the former East Germany, has teamed up with Vice and Minecraft to deliver an augmented reality (AR) educational experience to help young people gain more of an understanding of the historic event.

The ‘Tear Down This Wall’ experience is the first-ever educational tool to be built into Minecraft Earth, a mobile AR spinoff of Minecraft.

The experience, built alongside Vice’s creative agency, Virtue, enables users to see the Berlin Wall reconstructed in iconic locations – such as Brandenburger Tor and Mauerpark – and bring up a full scale model of the wall in its original location. The experience can also be used to replicate the wall in any other location around the world.

“This is the first time we’re actually able to let people from all over the world tear down the wall. Being an active participant, instead of a spectator, makes a big difference with younger visitors and really catches their attention in a different way,” said Gordon Freiherr von Godin, Director at the DDR Museum.