Teavaro celebrates rollout of GDPR solution for clients

First-party data activation firm Teavaro is announcing its success in preparing clients for GDPR after last months legislative deadline. The company successfully rolled out its solution for all clients ahead of 25 May, building GDPR-specific functionality on top of its existing FunnelConnect platform.

The FunnelConnect capabilities were developed as part of a web service to address the permissions, customer notifications and rights management required under the new regulations. Drawing on its middleware DNA, FunnelConnect was able to provide a list of unique and crucial functionality that assisted in a successful and timely compliance rollout for all of Teavaros clients.

Combining the firms core capabilities of cross-device identification, real-time data activation and agile integration, Teavaro was able to offer a solution with data privacy and security by design. With a focus on compliance for online digital marketing, FunnelConnect will also soon offer a wider web service that will be incorporated into further areas as the needs of the regulations, and further legislation in the form of ePrivacy, become clearer. The aim is to enable automation of permissions and rights management across all platforms.

With simplicity at its core, the Teavaro first-party solution provides clients with a central identifier to reduce the complexity that GDPR’s move towards accessible, transparent and centralised data management can create. With a central point from which firms can unify their cross-device data, this lack of complexity allowed technical teams across the client and its partners to link any solutions for their respective platforms with minimal effort.

The FunnelConnect platform’s capability of agile integration was also effective in providing resolutions for any functionality gaps in legacy systems and third-party platforms that were not as straightforward due to the evolution of each tool. For example, one DMP partner found synchronisation issues with changing user statuses for consents and legitimate interest permissions; while this functionality may have taken some months to develop by themselves, the FunnelConnect platform provided a ready solution that would work within the platform’s current constraints.

The identification capability and real-time nature of data retrieval provided the link necessary to ensure that customer permissions remained up-to-date and relevant as they crossed from web to app, and from device-to-device. But with permissions not only relevant to the customer experience, FunnelConnect provides a means to automate the customer rights requirements stipulated in GDPR, eradicating the ineffective manual processes that may currently be driving compliance for requests under the right to erasure and so on.

Teavaro has provided a means by which clients can navigate GDPR without complexity. With ePrivacy on the horizon, they will look to expand the FunnelConnect capabilities to tackle this and any further regulatory changes.