Teavaro launches GDPR Permissions solution

Robert Bergmann

With under two months to go before the GDPR deadline, Teavaro has rolled out a new Permissions Management Solution to allow its clients to maintain compliant cross-device and cross-channel engagement for prospects and identified customers within their current marketing stacks.

Working with its clients, Teavaro found several issues that could have great impact upon marketing capabilities if GDPR compliance was to be achieved. For one in particular – customer permissions management – the majority of third-party platforms constituting the standard marketing stack had no functionality to accommodate the granularity the new regulations required. Nor, with the constraints that the GDPR put upon data processors and without a direct relationship to the data subject, could platform-specific solutions be relied upon to solve this issue. In fact, Teavaro has found that there is in general a lack of awareness on how to address the question of GDPR-compliant permissions management strategy.

Thus clients were faced with having to use catch-all permissions that would not only allow the removal of data subjects from requested data processing activities, but would needlessly remove them for data processing that they had consented to. On a technical level, the reliance on cookies meant that even if permissions could be effectively captured, with incoming ePrivacy regulation to consider also there was no guarantee that such methods could provide the necessary standard sought for compliance.

With first-party data activation, Teavaro has put its clients’ data management strategy back in control of the customer relationship, allowing for tailored experiences of use case-based granular permissions, catering specifically to customer consent from individual user to household account with multiple subscriptions to ensure that the customer experience remains at the same time compliant and optimal.

Robert Bergmann, Teavaro’s CEO and co-founder, revealed how, rather than provide a solution that replaces the platforms in the current marketing stack, the most expedient way to compliance was to solve the problem at hand: the missing functionality. He said:

“With the focus now on the customer data relationship, ad tech providers are having a tough time identifying and facilitating all the needs of the GDPR. Permissions are a case in point; very few had recognised the impact an inability to process permissions might have on the entire digital marketing operations of their clients.

“Teavaro’s solution prevents the need to review and update these platforms’ functionality by applying an efficient and flexible solution across the entire stack that the data controller – advertiser or media owner – can administer on the basis of their needs rather than any restrictions individual platforms might impose. From everyone’s point of view, this is a win-win scenario.”

With the solution concept rigorously scrutinised by legal, privacy, marketing and user experience experts, Teavaro has begun rolling out the Permissions Management Solution for requesting clients as part of its pre-GDPR updates.