Teavaro launches solution to leverage on ‘legitimate interest’ for customer engagement

David Murphy - Member Content

Teavaro is implementing its Customer Data Platform for clients, a solution that allows them to fine-tune how they can use different data sources like CRM, analytics, and other data management systems to engage with their customers after the onset of GDPR. The law, in fact, allows marketers to use ‘legitimate interest’ as a legal basis to process their customers’ data on specific conditions and provided that the interests of the organisation do not override the fundamental rights of the individual.

Legitimate interest differs from consent as a basis to process data in that it does not require an opt-in from the user, but is contingent to a clear and transparent notification and opt out. In other words, customers should be informed and be able to object to such use of their data, in the same way as they are empowered to withdraw consent at any time in the case of opt in.

Teavaro is working with first-party data owners / controllers to create specific notifications drawing on legitimate interest that are open and clear about what data is processed, for what purpose and how to say no. Obviously, there is a clear advantage for marketers in using legitimate interest, rather than consent, as the basis for processing for specific use cases, as the whole customer base can be targeted. It represents an opportunity that can be carefully deployed only in specific situations, in which the data controller uses their own data or own media or external media. If a customer objects, the controller must accept this objection when the purpose is direct marketing.

Teavaro has been working with clients who have a direct relationship with their customers to leverage on legitimate interest for specific marketing use cases. According to Teavaro COO, Dr Dirk Rohweder, legitimate interest is a promising basis for processing data of existing customers that have an expectation to be informed about new products and services based on a next-best offer marketing strategy.

With transparency and clear benefit for its users, Teavaro’s clients have engaged with their customers, within a solution that does not allow the data to be shared widely, thus remaining within the scope of what is legally possible. This solution is part of Teavaro’s wider positioning within the industry as a provider of innovative privacy-compliant solutions for multi-channel data enablement for marketing and other applications.