Technicolor Turns to Apps as Part of Brand ID Overhaul

As part of its brand identity overhaul, Technicolor has branched out into the app market, launching its ColorZing app for the iPhone and iPad.

AlwaysOnMessage (AoM), a UK-based mobile app agency, was commissioned by MPC Digital, to produce an interactive branding experience for Technicolor. The challenge for AoM was to communicate the significance of a brand which enriches the lives of so many people without them ever realising it: more than 70m households engage with Technicolor each day. With gaming being the most popular category of apps across all app stores, the decision to create a game for Technicolor enables the brand to connect with these consumers and to ultimately improve brand recognition.

ColorZing is designed to immerse the consumer in a game driven by one of Technicolor’s main specialities: colour. Through an engaging and interactive medium, the game drives the user through a series of strategic puzzles that require players to think about speed, angles and accuracy.

“In an age where consumers are becoming increasingly mobile, it is important for brands to adopt this medium and cement their brands in the minds of consumers in a more imaginative manner.,” says AoM managing director, Peter Swain. “Creating a mobile gaming experience that is both fun and brand-driven is an effective method to adopt and one that has seen many worldwide brands receive increased interest in their brand.”