Teespring teams with Twitch on social commerce

Teespring TwitchCustom clothing platform Teespring has linked up with Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming platform for gamers, to bring social commerce to gaming audiences.

The partnership enables viewers to browse and buy products on Twitch without having to leave the stream page through an integrated Teespring extension. Streamers are able to monetise their channels via merchandise and encourage people to subscribe to their channels for access to ‘subscriber-only’ products.

The extension will also provided animated in-stream alerts, giving streamers a chance to acknowledge people shortly after they have bought merchandise.

“We are always seeking ways in which to bring more opportunities for creators to connect with their followers through industry firsts that keep up with the fast-paced demands of the incredibly influential Gen Z market,” said Chris Lamontagne, Teespring CEO. £Content creators are bringing more and more innovation to the playing field, and we’re working continuously to introduce newer and simpler ways for this young generation to build their brands and deliver for their fans. Twitch is the perfect addition to our partnership eco-system in achieving this goal and we’re thrilled to bring another first to the social commerce market.”