Telegram CEO predicts one billion users within a year

The founder of messaging app Telegram, Pavel Durov, has predicted the platform will reach one billion monthly users within a year.

In an interview posted on Durov’s X account, formerly Twitter, he said: “We’ll probably cross one billion monthly active users within a year now.

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“Telegram is spreading like forest fire,” he added.

This comes as the messaging app, which currently has 900 million users, was blocked in Russia in 2018 after the company decided to not hand over encryption data.

However, two years later, it was reinstated after the ban failed to stop people from using it.

Meanwhile, as access to social media was restricted in Russia following its invasion of Ukraine in 2022, users used Telegram for its content about the war.

However, according to Duvrov, he was determined to keep telegram “free from geopolitics” and “neutral”.