Telegraph Looking to Make More Money From Facebook Instant Articles

David Murphy

Telegraph Instant ArticleTelegraph Media Group commercial product director Paul de la Nougerede has voiced his frustration at the amount of money the publisher is generating via Facebook Instant Articles.

De la Nougerede was taking part in a panel discussion at an event hosted yesterday by “outstream” video firm Teads. (Outstream video ads are ones which appear natively within editorial, usually text, content, as opposed to alongside editorial video content as a pre- or post-roll ad.)

De la Nougerede said: “You do need to be on these platforms, but the monetisation challenge is the bit we all need to crack. We produce fantastic content that Facebook does not have, and they wanted that content on their platform. The commercial terms were pretty rubbish at the start. They have got better, but they are still nowhere near good enough.”

Publishers can sell and serve ads on the content they distribute on the Instant Articles platform and keep all the revenue they make. Or they can leave it to Facebook via the Facebook Audience Network, for which Facebook takes a 30 per cent cut of the income generated.

Instant Articles launched in May 2015 with a small number of publishers on board, including BuzzFeed, The Guardian, BBC News, The New York Times and National Geographic. The company opened up the platform to all publishers at its F8 conference in April this year.