Telegraph Media Group Makes First Foray into Commercial AR

Telegraph Media Group (TMG) has partnered with Information TV and Aurasma to deliver its first commercial Augmented Reality campaign, for the St Kitts Tourism Authority.

The St. Kitts Experience app accompanies a 30 minute video, which was produced by The Telegraph’s video production department and will be broadcast repeatedly over an eight week period on Sky and Freeview.

The app will provide users with additional content relevant to the part of the programme they are watching, using Aurasma’s audio recognition technology, which enables the iPhone and iPad apps to identify key sound triggers in the programme that will drive enhanced content to the user’s device.  AR content will also appear in ads and advertorials in The Daily Telegraphs Review and Travel supplements, and The Sunday Telegraph’s Discover supplement. Sky+ customers using the app will also be able to schedule the programme to record.

“We are delighted to be pushing the boundaries and incorporating augmented reality into an extensive client campaign,” says James Lancaster, director, specialist sales, TMG. “Working with St. Kitts Tourism Authority, British Airways, Aurasma and Information TV has been a truly collaborative partnership and we look forward to seeing how this resonates with our multi-platform audiences.”