Telegraph Ranks Top 20 Best Selling Handsets of All Time

Great slideshow on the Telegraph website today listing the top 20 biggest selling phones of all time, and while Nokia is being given a bit of a hard time of late, its execs may be pleased to see that their handsets made up nine out of the top 10. And 14 out of the top 20.

With the iPhone 4 and 5 nowhere to be seen, the Nokia 1110, which launched in 2005, took the number one spot after selling a staggering 250m, according to the Telegraph’s figures.

The Nokia 3210 comes in at number two – with 160m handsets sold – and pulls a little on the heart strings as you remember the first time you told someone you fancied them in 160 characters or less. It launched in 1999, and it shows. The Motorola RAZR is the only non-Nokia to make the top 10, coming in at number seven by selling 130m units. And making a few people in 2004 feel a bit like a spy.

The iPhone 4s comes in at number 12 (behind four more Nokia feature phones), with 60m units sold, followed by two pretty unusual Motorola handsets – 2003’s C200 and a veteran from 1996, the StarTac. 17th and 18th are the Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII, each selling 40m. The iPhone 3S comes next, after selling 35m, and a clamshell-style Nokia rounds off the list.