Telstra Launches mHealth Solution for Diabetes Sufferers

Diabetes patients will be able to monitor their blood glucose levels more frequently, keep more accurate records and better manage their condition, following the launch by Australian mobile operator Telstra of the coountrys first commercially available mobile application for people with diabetes.
The Telstra Diabetes Management Online Service involves transmitting blood glucose readings wirelessly from a Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose meter to a compatible mobile phone running a specialised application.
The mobile sends the information over the Telstra Next G network into a secure database. These results can then be accessed via a portal on a Next G mobile phone, or online, by the patient and their GP or other care provider.
Diabetes currently affects an estimated 1.5 million Australians, and around 275 Australians develop diabetes every day, says Greg Johnson, Acting CEO of Diabetes Australia. Breakthroughs in technology that help to improve people's diabetes management can also help to reduce the serious complications of diabetes, including heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, blindness and amputation.
Before launching the service, Telstra and Diabetes Australia conducted an initial field study with 100 patients which indicated that people valued a service that made it simple to record and monitor their blood glucose levels.
Our field study indicated patients tested themselves more frequently, their records were more accurate and the results gave them new insights into the management of their condition, allowing them to better track and respond to trends, says Christophe Bur, Executive Director, Telstra Product Management. More than 80% of participants involved in our study are continuing to use the service.
Telstra customers who buy a MyGlucoHealth Wireless blood glucose meter and subscribe to the service can send their glucose test results to a secure online portal. These results can then be shared with their GP. In addition, glucose averages can be tracked over three or six months, and users can have helpful reminders sent to their mobile phone. When a customer registers a reading that is above the desired threshold agreed with their health professional, SMS notifications are sent to them and their care team. The product can also be used for medication reminders and reminders to perform a blood glucose test.
The service costs AU$30 (17) per month (plus data charges), and is charged to the customer's Telstra bill. The MyGlucoHealth Wireless blood glucose meter is available from authorised distributors for a recommended retail price of AU$125 plus delivery. Theres more information about the service here.