Telstra Selects Openwave Analytics

Australian telco Telstra has selected Openwave Mobile Analytics to provide the company with a dashboard view of all aspects of aggregated mobile subscriber data activity across its mobile device portfolio, including Smartphones and feature phones, iPhone traffic, netbooks and other mobile-capable devices.
The solution will enable Telstra to aggregate subscriber data and behavioural information across a variety of data sources, including on-portal and open Internet browsing, mobile email messaging, video and audio streaming, device type, demographics and location, to provide a 360-degree view of its mobile subscriber base.  Openwave Mobile Analytics will also provide Telstra with insight into the operational aspects of its mobile broadband network, enabling the company to control network operations more efficiently by optimising present capacity and managing ongoing bandwidth demands.
Key features of Openwave Mobile Analytics include:

  • Predefined and ad-hoc reporting
  • Advanced network traffic visibility
  • Device type monitoring
  • Top sites and trends analysis
  • Unique segment reporting
  • Error reporting and troubleshooting
  • Location-based reporting
  • URL categorisation and filtering
  • Multi-layer dashboard

By providing enhanced usage reporting and marketing information, Openwave Mobile Analytics really does enable us to better serve our customers, says Ross Fielding, Executive Director, Telstra Product Management. Mobile Analytics is able to aggregate usage data and generate meaningful reports in a timely manner, which means we have a far better understanding of what our customer base as a whole is using and what they are after.