Temu ranked most effective Super Bowl ad beating Disney and Volkswagen

Online marketplace Temu has been crowned as the most popular Super Bowl 2024 advert, new data has revealed.

According to Google Trends, the brand saw a 1,139% increase in searches in the US, after the advert was aired.

As a result, the online marketplace beat the likes of Disney and Volkswagen by over 190% in searches, according to promotional products firm Pens.com.

Temu even beat telecoms giant Verizon, who teamed up with Beyonće in its Super Bowl LVIII campaign to highlight the strength of Verizon’s network.

Meanwhile, the 30-second advert, featuring a Temu shopping dancing through bargains would have reportedly cost the brand between $6.5 million to $7 million.

A spokesperson from Pens.com said: “Already averaging a volume of 4.6 million online searches a month in the US alone, Temu is steadfast in its pursuit of becoming America’s leading shopping app. In 2023, the brand was estimated to have paid $1.7 billion in marketing alone.

“Since its Super Bowl debut last year, the platform expanded to three slots this year, sparking significant controversy along the way as the company grapples with ethical accusations. Emerging as the undisputed leader among its competitors that night, the remarkable surge in popularity has led the company to establish itself as a substantial player in the industry.”