Ten One Unveils Autograph for iPhone

Ten One Design has launched Autograph for iPhone, an iPhone application that enables users to create digital signatures directly on the iPhones touchscreen and automatically insert them into electronic documents on their Mac or PC via wi-fi. The app works in conjunction with Ten One Designs free Autograph Helper program that, once downloaded, runs on the users computer to quickly and conveniently receive signatures from iPhone or iPod touch devices.
In addition to inserting signatures immediately into working documents, Autograph for iPhone also offers users the option to email signatures or save them directly to the photo library for future use. Style options for Autograph for iPhone include the ability to select and modify signature color and line width. Users can also include the date with their signature.
For frequent use with one computer, users can enable the Auto-send feature, which allows users to select the computer in the network used most often, eliminating the need to select from detected computers every time.
In Kiosk Mode, the app hides configuration options and allows business owners to accept customer signatures for immediate transactions. Customers just need to sign and hit Done to complete the action; the business owner controls the rest.
Autograph for iPhone is available for download from the Apple App Store for $3.99. The free Autograph Helper app can be downloaded here.