Tenants Inventory App Launches

Imfuna has launched an iPhone app that aims to protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords. 

The Imfuna Let Lite app allows users to create an inventory of their rental property, keeping a record of the inventory in case there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy with a deposit at stake. 

The company has an existing professional version of the app, called the Imfuna Let system. This is designed for inventory clerks, leasing agents and landlords, while the new Imfuna Let Lite is a consumer version designed for tenants. 

Jax Kneppers, the creator of Imfuna Let Lite says: “Tenants often feel exposed when it comes to the inventory process and the safe return of their deposits – especially where no inventory has been offered by landlords. Many end up feeling hard done by should they enter into a dispute. We designed our platform to address this issue on both sides, by democratising the inventory process and forearming tenants for disputes with unscrupulous landlords, ensuring that everyone involved gets a professional and fair outcome.”

Imfuna Let Lite allows a user to collect data on the properties inventory, and then upload it to the Imfuna online portal, where it can be shared with the landlord and changes and comments monitored and logged. The report can then be used to settle the deposit and the state of the property at the end of the tenancy. 

Infuna Let Lite is available from the Apple App Store for any iOS device, and costs 99p. Each report submitted costs £3.99.