Tesco and Weve Partner for Mobile Couponing

Tesco Voucher RedeemTesco and Weve have announced a joint initiative that has been undergoing testing and development over the past few months, that employs location-tied mobile coupons to drive awareness and footfall.

The coupon initiative is connected to a new Tesco store format which integrates hot food from existing restaurant brands into the facilities available for customers, and has been tested at the Villiers Street branch in London, which contains a Burrito Kitchen.

The mobile coupon campaign, which aims to build awareness of this new store format, incorporates both both habitual and live geo-location data from Weve to target consumers close to the store, and message them with unique mobile coupon barcodes giving them money off.

Tesco has been increasingly focusing on digitising its paper coupons and increase the use of mobile as part of its drive towards a better consumer shopping experience. The mobile couponing and location initiative is built on a new scanning system the company is rolling out, which will initially be available within the M25 before being rolled out across the UK during 2015.

Weves involvement in the project has not been affected by its recent takeover by O2, who bought the mobile marketing proposition out from joint partners EE and Vodafone, and all three network partners were involved in the development and execution of the initiative.

“Tesco understands that mobile can and should be part of the shopping experience in ways that can directly benefit the consumer and give them a greater understanding of the vouchering and couponing process,” said Shelly Chotai, FMCG partnership manager at Weve.

“This is another initiative from the team at Weve that highlights that mobile and the mobile journey can be incredibly intergrated into the whole retail process,” said Nigel Clarkson, commercial director at Weve. “Timely messages sent to the right people in the right places, with redeemable vouchers sent straight to their mobile, used at point of sale and then providing rich consumers data back to Tesco. No other marketing channel can come close to covering all these bases.”