Tesco-backed Harris + Hoole Launches Loyalty App

Harris + Hoole, the former independent coffee shop, now a chain 49 per cent owned by Tesco, has launched an iOS loyalty app for visitors to its 20-plus stores.

Users create a profile, including uploading a photo, and select ‘my usual’ to input details of their favourite coffee. When they check in using their handset at a branch of H+H, currently only open in the South East, they can order their usual from the app without having to speak to the person at the till.

Similarly to PayPals new photo validation system for in store payments, their server identifies the customer in the queue using their photo and calls them by their first name. Users also electronically collect loyalty stamps for every drink they order.

A section in the app titled ‘coming soon’ confirms that mobile payments are on the way. Speaking to Mobile Marketing, H+Hs director of digital experience Danielle Anderson said that this would come in the form of pre-loaded credit and should arrive as an update pre-Christmas. She also says that an Android app is in development and should be ready within two months.

The iOS app was developed by Brighton-based ribot.