Tesco Expands Social Selling to Tesco Direct

tesco extraTesco has launched a word-of-mouth social selling campaign for its Direct range of products, building on the previous successes it saw with social selling in its Grocery division.

The campaign, in partnership with social selling platform Buyapowa, enables customers to shop for deals and earn rewards when pre-ordering new video games, including much anticipated titles like Destiny.

As well as using an innovative co-buy mechanism to lower the price of products, customers will be in with a chance of winning rewards by creating buzz via social media. Prizes on offer include free games, merchandise and bonus content. The initial co-buy offer on entertainment products will be rolled out to other products in the Direct range over time.

“This campaign will open up a totally new channel that will enable Tesco to get clsoer to fans that any other retailer,” said Gideon Lask, CEO of Buyapowa. “Making shopping a truly social experience is about creating a dynamic environment that is actually fun to shop in.

“Gaming is one of the biggest and most social phenomena of our time and there are a number of hardcore gaming fans that Tesco can reach by offering a unique way to purchase Destiny. It makes perfect sense that Tesco should choose its range of video games to launch its new co-buying offers. Tesco is utilising the platform to make shopping itself into a game, tapping into the players natural competitive streak as well as giving fans a chance to earn some great deals and exclusive never before seen content.”