Tesco Launches AR Print Campaign with blippar

Tesco has introduced the UK’s first image recognition Augmented Reality (AR) print campaign as part of its new Big Price Drop promotion, which kicked off yesterday.

The activity, bought and planned by Initiative and IPM, launches with a major two week TV campaign, including peak-time domination on ITV1 this evening; high-density Out of Home advertising; a major digital campaign; a national press takeover; and week-long radio activity.

Each of the retailer’s press and Out of Home ads will include branding that can be scanned by a free-to-download smartphone app from blippar. By hovering their smartphone in blippar mode over a Tesco outdoor or press ad, customers will be able to access store location information and download daily recipe ideas.

“The Big Price Drop initiative is a major new offering from Tesco this autumn, so it is fitting to partner with an equally innovative new technology for the launch campaign,” says Angela Porter, senior advertising manager at Tesco. “We have been working hard with Initiative to devise an execution that takes interaction to the next level, and by providing customers with the means to download store information instantly, I am confident we have achieved that. Anyone viewing our numerous press or Out of Home ads can find out in seconds where their nearest store is, and receive free recipe ideas for that added personal touch.”


David Murphy writes:

First Cadbury, second Tesco, and with an Augmented Reality newpaper, the Metro Herald in Ireland, thrown in for good measure. It seems sensible to ask:  Who’s next for the blippar treatment?

When we reported on the launch of the Cadbury’s campaign a few weeks ago, we remarked that this was a much more interesting deployment of AR and image recognition technology than most of what we had seen previously, and suggested that other brands would be watching it closely. Looks like they like what they saw.  

There’s a demo video of blippar in action here.