Tesco Launches Shopping App for Glass

Tesco_Glassware_13_01_15Tesco has launched a version of its shopping app for Google Glass.

Developed by Tesco Labs, the app is the first piece of Glassware launched by a retailer.

It enables users to browse products, view their nutritional information and add them to a shopping basket, hands-free. However, in order to actually complete the purchase, users have to log into their account online or using a mobile app. Tesco admits that this is only a basic version of its mobile offering, but for a reason:

“We’ve intentionally kept functionality very basic given the early stages of customer use of Glass. We’re keen to see how customers react to shopping with Glassware and welcome feedback or suggestions from customers using Glass,” said Pablo Coberly, innovation engineer at Tesco Labs.

“We don’t envisage Glass becoming the new platform for shopping as its functionality is different, and more immediate. Instead, it complements other devices and integrates shopping into everyday life because products can be ordered or added as and when customers realise they need replacing.”

Whether Tesco continues to develop its Glassware into a more full offering will apparently be decided based on adoption by customers. Given the slow take-up for Glass so far, the future doesnt look too bright for this app.