WATCH: Tesco Mobile launches next instalment of its ‘It Pays to be Connected’ campaign

Tesco Mobile has launched the second instalment of its ‘It Pays to be Connected‘ campaign, poking fun at parent group chats.

Created by BBH London and directed by Blink’s Fred Rowson, the campaign, ‘Parent Posse’, follows the journey of mum Flora who shares her experience of being part of a parent group chat that she joined eight years ago when all their children were born.

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However, thanks to a very keen dad, Eddie, who is with a telecoms giant, Flora still receives updates on his son Max – all these years later.

As a result, Flora recognises that Tesco Mobile’s dependable coverage has enabled Eddie to remain connected despite moving “off the grid”, inspiring her to become a member as well.

The company’s brand platform ‘It Pays to be Connected’ has launched nationwide across channels including OOH, social, print and TV.

The move follows Tesco Mobile launching its first instalment of the campaign, ‘Pavement Pounders’, which showcases the benefits of staying connected to local groups via various group chats- all powered by the telecoms giant.